ETS666 Tool

A tool for editing save files and synchronising jobs on Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator.

Still hesitating about where to drive? Getting bored with driving along Calais-Duisburg road? Confused about syncing jobs or editing money account?
We make it all easier! Random convoys are generated every 2 hours. Just click and download!
Let's Convoy!

How to Use

  • Preparation:
    Start the game --> Choose a profile you want to modify --> Edit --> Disable 'Use Steam Cloud'
  • Step 1:
    Save a savegame in the game
  • Step 2:
    Open the tool --> Select the profile and savegame you want to modify --> Tick what you want --> Save
  • Step 3:
    Back to game --> Load the modified savegame --> Done, the job could be found in the freight market

Upcoming Convoy

Departure Time Random
Server Random
Departure City Random
Departure Company Random
Destination City Random
Destination Company Random
Cargo Random
Estimated Distance Auto calculate

Convoy Rules

  • All TruckersMP Rules applied.
  • No overtaking.
  • Keep 80+ meters distance.
  • Running red lights is allowed, depending on surroundings.
  • Drive at the rear of the convoy if you are laggy or late.
  • Join our Discord Server for communication.

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